Alkaline Water filter and Ionizer Affiliate Programs (Naturopress and Enagic / Kangen water comparison)

Alkaline Water filter and Ionizer Affiliate Programs (Naturopress and Enagic / Kangen water comparison)

Alkaline Water filter and Ionizer Affiliate Programs (Naturopress and Enagic / Kangen water comparison)

Vortex Alpha is proud to announce that it now manages the affiliate program for the Naturopress Alkaline Water filters and ionizer machine range.  Naturopress is a boutique e-commerce brand that was founded in Australia and is currently in the process of expanding worldwide. Naturopress originally started as a cold press juicer brand but expanded its product range to include alkaline water filters and ionizers that rival some other well-known names in the market, including Enagic (Kangen water machines). The difference in the business model is that Enagic works on a multi-level marketing (MLM) basis and requires you to invest upfront in a machine to join their affiliate program, which will set you back between $5000 – $6000 AUD. It’s a bit of a blow just to enter into an affiliate program where you will do the hard work. The Enagic Kangen water affiliate program has built up a cult following; below, we will highlight the pros and cons of being in either Naturopress affiliate program or the enagic kangen machine affiliate program.

Naturopress alkaline water filter and the Enagic kangen water affiliate program comparison

  • The Naturopress machines are half the price- meaning your conversion rate will be much higher.
  • The machines are pretty much like for like and produce the same pH range of water.
  • The Enagic Kangen machine affiliate program has higher commissions – the affiliate gets a nice payment, but the buyer has to pay a hefty sum.
  • Enagic Kangen water affiliate program works on MLM only. The customer cant buy online, and there is no cookie tracking or affiliate links provided
  • Vortex Alpha partnered with Naturopress and provides access to state-of-the-art tracking software that tracks sales and commissions. We provide you with tracking links and coupon codes that track cookies for 90 days meaning you never miss a sale.
  • Naturopress customers can buy online, and is not an MLM marketing scheme.
  • Naturopress gives a handsome 15% affiliate commission paid monthly on all sales.
  • Naturopress can offer free delivery worldwide.


The Enagic Kangen water machine affiliate program has high commissions. However, the customer is paying exorbitant prices for the machines, drastically lowering conversion rates. It is arguably unethical to charge such an inflated price where most of it will go to affiliate commissions. Naturopress, on the other hand, rivals the Enagic Kangen machine in terms of quality and functionality but is half the price. Affiliate commissions are at 15%, but conversion rates are much higher, retaining profitability while providing an ethical product to the customers. Furthermore, the Kangen alkaline water machines can only be purchased through people on an MLM basis. Naturopress can be purchased safely online by anyone and does not require a middleman.


Join the Naturopress alkaline water filter affiliate program today…

To join Naturopress’ Affiliate program, sign up today, and one of our account managers will help you start generating sales.


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