Gambling affiliate programs

Did you know that just 2 years ago the global online gambling market was valued at just over 53 billion dollars?

Undoubtedly the expansion of the digital world led to this, including accessible platforms both on desktop and mobile phones. The pandemic and lockdown, with general views on gambling changing, have additionally boosted the growth of the gambling industry.

This is why there has never been a better time to enter a gambling affiliate program.

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The demand for gambling content is constantly growing, which gives content creators a chance to grow their business too. YouTube and Twitch for example have many content creators who are entirely dedicated to poker or slot content.

No matter if you are a digital content creator or just want to learn more about the gambling affiliate programs and how they work, then this is the blog for you. There might be some terms you might not understand, but we put a little gambling dictionary at the end to help you understand better.

The Best Gambling Affiliate Programs

You probably know enough by now to get started! Here are some of our best gambling affiliate programs, you should definitely consider joining. And we’ll cover different GEOs, to make sure every audience gets a chance to join.

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How to Choose a Good Gambling Offer?

To put it simply, a good offer is the one that will make you money. Of course, there are certain things you should pay attention to when choosing a gambling offer.

Registration forms should be simple and short. Nobody likes long forms that take too much time to fill out, and gamblers are no different. In the gambling world, momentum is crucial. For players, the most important thing is to start playing as soon as possible, and a long registration form stands in the way of that.

Responsive design. To be more specific, mobile versions. Once again, the player should be able to start playing right after seeing your ad and clicking on it. Mobile versions of gambling games allow them to enjoy games without having to be in one place at all times.

No bugs. We recommend checking the gambling website yourself for all the options and features to make sure there are no glitches. If you do find something that is not working properly, notify them and they will surely appreciate it.

Everybody loves bonuses! The thing about bonuses is to keep it honest. Make sure to show only those bonuses that the advertiser actually has. Advertisers don’t really like freeloaders (we’ll explain later what those are) so bonuses are an essential thing, but not the carriers of the campaign.

Some Statistics to Back It Up

Gambling has been a very popular affiliate marketing niche for many years now, and new traffic sources might have had something to do with it. Even though there are no general indicators of conversion rates, since they depend on the exact offer and traffic source, there are some stats we can point out.

Time statistics are one of them. For example, during the spring and summer the activity of users on the weekends is surprisingly low, but peaks during the weekdays. As far as the exact hours go, the period between 4 pm and 22 pm has been the most favorable time to hook users. During the autumn and winter months, the situation is quite the opposite with peak activities happening on the weekends.

When it comes to GEO, it depends on the actual offer and there are so many of them. In some countries, it might be meaningless to buy traffic like Kazakhstan, and in Arab countries, gambling is prohibited so keep that in mind. Also, many African countries might not be the most profitable target, but in other parts of the world, you should definitely go for it.

Cookie Lifespan

There is no point in getting all those clicks if there isn’t a way for them to be properly tracked. This is where cookies come in, and this is why their lifespan is necessary. We don’t need to go into all the technical details, it’s enough to keep one important thing in mind when it comes to cookies and that is: the longer the cookie lifespan, the better it is for the affiliate marketer.

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Payout models for Gambling vertical

Revenue Share in Gambling

RevShare or Revenue Share model is a lifetime revenue model in which the affiliate marketer gets a commission on the profit that the player they referred earn. The commission usually varies between 5 and 25%. So let’s say a player you sent to an online casino makes $1000, you’d get a $250 commission. Not bad isn’t it.

While it does sound good, and actually is good, some gambling establishments don’t only share the profits, but also the losses. What would happen if the player you referred gets lucky and wins money? Well, for an affiliate marketer that would be a loss. So approach the Revenue share model with care.

CPA (Cost Per Action) in Gambling

The most common deal is the payment of the deposit. The minimum amount of the deposit can be negotiated with the advertiser, and usually is somewhere between 1 and 5 dollars.

Advertisers do this with the expectation that new players will actually be active and spend money on their websites/apps. Players’ behavior is usually analyzed within the first week. Those who have put in a minimum deposit and didn’t play, are not liked among advertisers. In some cases, they may not even pay for those types of players.

CPL (Cost Per Lead) in Gambling

In the gambling affiliate niche, CPL usually refers to registration fees. CPLs normally work with partner networks, just like the CPA option. The quality of traffic is what heavily impacts whether this type of model is worth working on. Terms and conditions vary, but most commonly, conversion grom registration should be at least ten percent.

Hybrid Models

The hybrid model merges the CPA model and RevShare. In these cases, for each deposit, you will get a certain amount, usually around $20. Then, with each payment the player you referred makes you would receive a certain percentage of it. The higher the number of players you bring in, the better percentage you get. In some cases, you might even end up with 40% of the player’s deposits.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you should not be afraid to communicate with the support. If you’re performing well and having good campaign results, you can negotiate better deals for yourself in most cases.