Hobby Affiliate Programs

Hobby Affiliate Programs

Hobby Affiliate Programs

A hobby is a daily activity that is done for amusement and enjoyment, usually in spare time.

We all have them. Some are pretty common like reading, painting, and collections of some sort but there are some hobbies that are not everyone’s cup of tea. Whichever hobby you prefer, there is some good news for affiliate marketers out there – hobbies make a great niche.

Hobbies and activities can be extremely lucrative if you target consumers who have money to spend on their passion.

This niche is immensely popular because hobbies make people happy or leave them feeling content, and chances are – they are willing to spend money just to feel like that over and over again.

Let’s take a closer look at the hobby affiliate programs and see which ones are worth promoting.

Common Hobbies and Activities People Spend Money On

You should focus on hobbies like sports, travel, fishing, and similar as they might bring in the big bucks. Don’t forget about cruises around the world, safari trips, or sailing.

Let us explain why…

The golf industry alone is worth more than 70 billion dollars. 23 billion dollars is also spent on hunting and the equipment for it. But nothing beats the online travel booking industry, which has made almost 500 billion dollars! Given the current state and the impact the Coronavirus has had, we’ll not yet dive into the travelling niche, due to many regulations and requirements of different countries.

People will never stop buying gear, tools, and new equipment for activities they love doing. If it will make them better at their hobby of preference, they won’t mind spending extra money on accessories or guides or training.

This is why hobbies and activities are lucrative, and honestly, a great choice for an affiliate program. Since there are so many sub-niches to choose from, we’ll cover some of our favourites later in the blog.

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Expensive Hobbies

It’s one thing to have a regular hobby, but there is also a special sub-niche for expensive ones. You probably have never heard of expensive hobbies before, but in essence, they are just hobbies for people who have a lot of spare money to spend.

These hobbies include pricey activities such as golfing or drone flying – both hobbies that require expensive equipment. This is a great opportunity for an affiliate marketer to make money.

For example, you could join an affiliate program for electric bikes and grab some great commissions for every bike you sell on behalf of the selected company. This would be a great tactic if you have a biking website or a hobby one.

If you’d like to join this sub-niche, you can always try Googling for an affiliate program of a company you particularly had in mind, for which you know is somehow related to an expensive hobby.

Not all hobbies have to be expensive and require a lot of money, so we’ll cover various ones, meant for everyone’s pocket.

Woodworking tools

#1 Woodworking

Woodworking affiliate programs are a great way to earn money. Just like many other hobbies, woodworking is a billion-dollar industry. It’s anticipated that its worth will surpass 50 billion dollars by 2024. Meaning – there’s a whole lot of money to be earned in this niche.

Woodworking is right at the top of the list of spenders when it comes to hobbies and woodworking lovers won’t regret spending extra money on their beloved pastime.

If you see yourself promoting equipment for this niche, then we advise you to look into KC Tool’s affiliate program or Nora Hall’s.

#2 Fishing

Fishing, just like woodworking, isn’t just a hobby. It’s a valuable life skill.

They don’t say ” … teach a man to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime” for nothing.

Millions of people enjoy fishing around the world, whether it’s freshwater or deep-sea fishing. And it’s not just a hobby for older men. More than half of people who enjoy fishing are actually younger than 45!

But in even better news for all affiliate marketers interested in this niche, the recreational fishing industry is worth more than 200 billion dollars. And there are so many great fishing affiliate programs to choose from. We recommend checking out: Enigma Fishing, Columbia Sportswear, and Rapala.

#3 Scuba Diving

Another outdoor activity for the adventurous, but this time it’s all about going underwater. Scuba diving is not for the faint of heart, but it is a thrilling sport for those who enjoy it.

Another popular trend among the youth, this sport is growing more popular as individuals go down with their Go-Pro cameras to film their adventures. Consider starting a diving blog and using these affiliate schemes if you want to inspire more people to participate in this incredible experience, and of course, buy the equipment you’re promoting.

#4 Photography

Even if you think that you don’t know enough about photography to run an affiliate site on it, you can still give it a try. Just look at it this way – the vast majority of photographers are actually hobbyists or amateurs.

Meaning you don’t have to be an award-winning photographer to be a trustworthy source of information. Another great benefit of this niche is that photography lovers don’t think twice about spending money on a great camera or a new lens.

#5 Golf

Golf is one of these incredibly lucrative niches we mentioned earlier, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has been in the affiliate marketing game for more than a few months (you will find that most markets that have to do with luxury tend to be profitable affiliate niches).

An average golfer spends around 200 dollars every month on their beloved hobby.

And even though it may appear to be an exclusive pastime, it is enjoyed by individuals from many walks of life, all over the world.

Golf enthusiasts all have one thing in common: they’re willing to spend whatever money they have to improve their game.

#6 Drones

A relatively new hobby, but nevertheless – still quite a profitable niche.

Just in the United States alone, there are over a million registered drones. Drone’s increasing popularity happened pretty fast, as soon as they become available to the mass market. And when the price of a product drops to make it more affordable for everyone, new sales instantly happen.

Choose your drone affiliate program wisely, as it will not only serve your targeted audience – but your wallet too.

Here are some of our recommendations: GoPro, Cafago, and Drones Direct.

Getting Started

If you are ready to jump into the world of affiliate marketing, you’re in the right place. The hobby niche might be a good start, as there’s something for every audience.

Click the Register button at the top of the page and fill out a simple form, enter a couple of personal details required, and get started. Our dedicated affiliate managers will be there to tell you which affiliate programs are the most suitable ones for you and to answer any questions you might have.

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