Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet Affiliate Programs

Pet owners will spend money and not think about it twice just to give the best care and comfort to their furry friends. The amount of money spent on pet items exceeds billions of dollars, which means that there is a large chance to profit from pet affiliate programs.

Affiliates may profit from the massive market by choosing the greatest pet niche items and ensuring they sell as much as possible or refer as many consumers as they can. This is how they are able to enhance their earnings.

In this blog, we’ll cover the best pet affiliate programs as well as some niche basics.

Introduction to pet affiliate programs

Affiliate marketers are always on the hunt for products that are evergreen and can be sold on a large scale. Aside from finance, dating, and health, the pet niche is among the most profitable niches.

The best niches are those that have the optimal combination of “raving fans” and long-term attraction.

The pet industry checks out both boxes.

Pet owners are prepared to spend nearly any amount of money to keep their companion animals happy, comfortable, healthy, and well-fed, which means that pet affiliate programs have a lot of room for growth.

Not only is it a multi-billion dollar industry right now, but it’s growing each year. There’s an increase in demand for pet supplies all over the world, including pet toys, pet food, medicine, equipment, and anything you can think of.

This means new products are appearing each day, from GPS collars to CBD treats that calm our furry friends. For you, as an affiliate, this means more programs you can join and profit off!

Before we dive into the best pet affiliate programs available, let’s distinguish dog and cat affiliate programs as two of the most popular sub-niches.

Dog affiliate programs

We have a special bond with dogs that extends far beyond keeping them as pets.

Dogs were introduced to our culture tens of thousands of years ago when they learned to hunt with us before being tamed. That strong bond still exists for many of us, which is why we spend at least a thousand dollars per year feeding and caring for our beloved four-legged companions.

In general, dogs are now more popular than ever, considering that millennials often choose to have a dog rather than a child. The pandemics have also had a major impact, causing a significant number of dogs to be adopted, as many empty shelters confirm. So if you’re thinking about joining a dogs affiliate program – that is a great idea!

Cat affiliate programs

Did you know that one-third of American households have at least one cat? The situation is almost identical in Europe and Australia.

Looking at it from an affiliate’s point of view that is a huge market you should definitely pay close attention to and dig your claws in.

Cat owners will spend as much money as needed to keep their feline babies happy, healthy, and entertained.

The key to success when entering the cat affiliate program is choosing quality products and food to promote because cat owners do some real research before buying supplies for their cat(s).

You must be in this niche for the program to be as successful as possible. If you have a website and an audience that has some interest in cat products, why not recommend to them something they will like (and buy) while earning money along the way. A win-win situation if you ask us.

A cat looking with green eyes

Top pet affiliate programs

#1 Chewy

Chewy is an online pet store that sells food, snacks, beds, toys, supplements, and even pet medication. It’s a well-known brand with many loyal customers.

One of the best aspects of Chewy is that it doesn’t only cater to cat and dog owners. They offer a variety of pet products, including items for birds, reptiles, fish, horses, and other animals. As a result, if you become an affiliate, you could make a lot of money by catering to a wide spectrum of pet owners.

What this means is that affiliates have a huge market they can sell to, increasing the chances of making sales/conversions.

#2 Furbo

Furbo Dog Camera is an interactive camera firm that allows pet owners to connect with their dogs, see them, and even throw treats at them. Users can schedule treat tosses and voice instructions, keeping your fluffy pet company even while you are not there, thanks to the camera’s phone and Alexa compatibility. Furbo dog camera has also been saving dogs’ lives for years, making it a great pet product to promote to your audience.

Affiliates are encouraged to join the organization because it offers competitive commission rates, high average sales, and enhanced creativity.

#3 Zooplus UK

Zoo plus is an online pet supply retailer and for quite some time now it has been a top European affiliate marketing brand. The company has a long history and was founded back in the DotCom era. Customers in Europe have a wide range of products available and can choose from over 8000 goods. They offer a great selection of pet products for dogs, reptiles, guinea pigs, cats, and other animals.

In terms of earnings, Zooplus UK generates a lot of high-value affiliate checks, and they generate a lot of them. Their commission rates on the other hand are not that high, with a maximum of 3%. Nonetheless, because of the high EPC and the potential for big sale volumes, you might still make a lot of money with Zooplus UK even with that commission.


Dog beds are one of the most commonly purchased pet products out there, and usually don’t cost that much. dog beds, on the other hand, are rather different.

They’re made to be not only comfy, but also fashionable, so they’ll fit right in with your existing decor. They’re also popular with dogs, perhaps because they seem and feel natural (they’re composed of memory foam). has one of the best affiliate programs.

So, how much money can you expect to make if you promote this pet affiliate program? Well, a lot, considering their commission rates go as high as 20%.

#5 FitBark

With an increasing number of individuals attempting to improve their health, it’s no wonder that dog owners are bringing their pets along for the ride.

FitBark is a little GPS tracker that also keeps track of your dog’s health, besides location. It allows you to easily track their daily activities, sleep habits, and behaviour to gain meaningful information that can help you (and your dog’s veterinarian) make better decisions.

This affiliate network offers a lot of earning potential because of international shipping and clients from over 140 countries, making it a solid choice.

FitBark has a reasonable cookie duration, generous commissions, and a high average order size. You can even get paid for your purchases, which is unique for most affiliate schemes. Furthermore, all of the information they collect from their customers is used to further pet wellness studies, so you’re helping to progress science while simultaneously generating money!

#6 Ollie

Ollie is a company that creates delicious and nutritious meals for your dog using human-grade ingredients.

What makes it different from its competitor is that it’s a subscription box service. This means no one in your audience will ever have to go to the grocery store at 2 a.m. because they forgot to get something for their dog to eat.

You can even order food that is specific to your dog’s breed, age, weight, and allergies.

One great detail is that 1% of all Ollie sales is donated to dog rescue organizations, ensuring that you’re supporting the pups who need it the most (making this one of our personal favourites).

Ollie’s metrics are amazing and can serve as bait for many affiliate marketers as it comes with great numbers, making Ollie’s affiliate program worth your time.

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

The pet industry is valued at $125 billion worldwide.

Yes, it can be quite competitive, but you’re only limited by your willingness to work hard (and smart). Affiliate programs such as the ones described above can help you earn some real money.

After all, you’ve come here to learn how to make money from your website, right? Well, we’d be delighted to assist you with that.

How to sign up

Getting started is super easy and is just several clicks away. Click the Register button at the top of the page, fill out the form and choose from the many affiliate programs available. Our dedicated affiliate manager will be there to guide you and answer any questions you might have.

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