Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Did you know that an average person who enjoys online betting, spends around $250 dollars annually on it?

Even those who don’t enjoy this hobby, and think of themselves as non-gamblers, occasionally buy a lottery or bingo ticket. It’s a guilty pleasure many of us like.

This love for sports betting is why it’s generating more than $225 billion each year.

Just a heads up, the sports betting niche is one of the most competitive ones, but if you’re willing to put time and effort into it – it can be very profitable.

For those of you who are willing to give sports betting affiliate programs a try, we’ve written this blog to give you some direction.

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Intro To The Sports Betting Vertical

The sports betting vertical is tightly connected to the online gambling industry but is still distinguishable enough to be classified as a category.

The sports betting industry includes:

  • Fantasy sports betting
  • E-sports betting
  • Regular sports betting
  • Casino-like games

Statistically speaking, the peak of sports betting traffic and engagement is around big sporting events, but the pandemic has caused some disruption (we’ll talk about this in more detail). These events usually become a trigger and cause success in sports betting affiliate programs, due to larger interest and engagement.

The smaller niches are worth focusing on, so let’s explain them better before we dive into the best sports betting programs.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are another branch of sports betting that keeps getting more and more spotlight. The pandemic hasn’t impacted it, since it’s basically happening on a virtual level.

Unlike other sports betting categories, fantasy sports fans aren’t betting on the outcome of a real sports event. They create a fantasy sports team and then compete against other fantasy teams in an effort to win money and prizes.

The money that’s placed on these bets is very real on the other hand. With the lockdown happening, fantasy sports betting just increased as many people got bored sitting at home, with not much to do but go online and seek entertainment. That’s why this is an opportunity you as an affiliate marketer should not miss.


The E-sports industry has been immensely popular over the last few years. It keeps gaining a new and very dedicated audience. And the pandemic has only sped things up for the e-sports niche.

The global potential of sports betting and gambling has already been recognized, and e-sports fit into this puzzle just perfectly. E-sports are a division of iGaming and are an alternative to traditional sports betting, with an enormous amount of highly engaging content. This is the main reason why e-sports has positioned itself right at the top of the industry.

Regular Sports Betting

Even though some of the biggest sports events are on hold at the moment, the smaller ones are still happening, especially in Tier 3 countries. That is why sports betting is booming in some parts of the world while stagnating in others.

Many people are more than happy to bet on their local teams, no matter how small they might be, as well as teams from other countries. Bet is still just a bet, and affiliate marketing functions all over the world.

Casino-style Games

Even though it is closer to the gambling niche, casino-style games also it into the sports betting industry. This is due to games like baccarat, poker, craps, and others that require players to know a set of strict rules. Luckily for affiliate marketers, drawing the line between when these games are a sport and a gamble is not needed in order to run campaigns (successful ones).

No matter if it’s for fun, gambling, or sport – the casino-style games have been doing great over the last couple of years, including the lockdown times too.

How The Pandemic Impacted Sports Betting

Just like many other industries, sports betting was also heavily impacted by the ongoing pandemic. COVID-19 outbreak leads to the cancellation of many sports events in the past year. But there is a silver lining in this.

Affiliate marketing is a digital industry, meaning it hasn’t been that affected by the pandemic and hasn’t had as many consequences. While the physical sporting events have been cancelled, the online sector continued to thrive, even in harsh conditions. Especially the sports betting niche.

As we mentioned many times before, affiliate marketers have fewer reasons to worry than people of other professions.

After rough several months and some stagnating, things are looking up for the sports betting industry and coming back to normal. This is due to the large demand on the betting side. If the fans can’t bet on their favourite football clubs, they’ll find something else to bet on. And wherever there’s demand, the industry grows.

Why Choose Sports Betting Affiliate Programs?

We’ll be reviewing some of the best sports betting affiliate programs available But have you wondered why we picked sports betting?

The reason behind it is the fact that sports betting allows millions of people to enjoy their favourite sports and support their clubs. Every other person, over the age of 18, has at some point in their life participated in some form of sports betting. The best part is that now they don’t even have to leave the house in order to bet.

Besides the thrill that comes with sports betting, it’s so popular because it covers every sport imaginable, from football to cricket. High demand for it is just great news for all affiliate marketers out there.

The Best Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

Usually, the major sports betting companies have their own affiliate program, in-house. But, if you’re interested in getting one or more offers from a trusted affiliate network, we’d be more than happy to help.

All you need to do is register on the platform, and you can join all the affiliate programs you find appealing.

Here are some of our recommendations when it comes to the best gambling affiliate programs available:

#1 888

We mentioned 888 in our Best Casino Affiliate Program blog. They established themselves in the online gambling industry a long time ago, with their poker and online casino games.

For more than 10 years they are the leading provider of online sports betting companies in Europe. Your audience will have the chance to bet live or place pre-bets on cricket, ice hockey, motorsports, and even chess.

They state that they have the best odds on the betting market, and offer desktop and mobile apps.

#2 Bet365

Another well-known name in the industry. Started by brother and sister, more than 20 years ago Bet 365 is generating several billion pounds in revenue each year.

They offer everything from Lotto to Gaelic football, so your audience will have plenty to choose from. Their affiliate program is pretty simple and offers 30% of the net win your referrals make as long as they are a Bet365 customer.

#3 Vortex Alpha

If you have an account at Vortex Alpha (or even if you don’t, registering is easy and takes minutes) – we got you. We have partnered with the best sports betting companies, to give our affiliates only the best offers and sports betting affiliate programs. Not only that, but we offer a marketing platform where you can track everything. The cherry on the top is our dedicated affiliate managers, who will be there to assist you.

If you’re ready to dive in and explore new ways to earn money, simply click the Register button at the top right or the Dashboard button if you’re already a member. Make sure to be active, as new offers are added regularly.

Tips For Successful Sports Betting Affiliate Program

When it comes to advertising ideas for your sports betting affiliate campaign, the best betting tips are usually the most common ones. These tips are also applicable to landing pages.

  1. Testimonials help – success stories will always spark interest.
  2. Emojis kind of work – use them whenever you have the chance.
  3. Numbers still sell – use stats, numbers, facts, and data to back up what you’re saying.
  4. Fear of missing out is strong – tell your target audience how much others made, how long they’re in the game, and how much they could potentially make if they dare to try.
  5. Ladies first – images of ladies doing any sports betting activity sells better than men doing those same activities.
  6. It’s about the money – we’re all in it for the money, and that’s a fact. Show them some money if you want your ad to be noticed.
  7. A sense of urgency – create a sense of urgency and push the users into action.

The Best GEOs For Sports Betting Campaigns

One of the most important steps of planning your sports betting campaign is finding out where the conversions will be.

You can always go with market research, and find out where sports betting has the biggest audience. Even without research, we can tell you right away that sports betting is popular all over the world, but there sure are some differences in the level of engagement. It’s up to you to figure out where to run the campaign.

Let’s dive deeper into different regions and see what’s works best for each of them.

Tier 1

Countries like the US, AU, Ca and some European countries like France, the UK, Italy, and Germany are all available for all niches in the sports betting industry.

Usually, they are focused on e-sports or sports betting-related content. Just make sure to keep in mind all the legal regulations each country has.

Tier 2

Countries that belong to the second tier are usually Columbia, Paraguay, Mexico, Peru, and the Philippines. These countries work better with regular sports betting or casino-like games rather than e-sports, but it’s also gotten some traction and popularity in the past year.

Tier 3

This may come off as surprising, but targeting Tier 3 countries can often be the same as hitting the jackpot. Many tier 3 countries have huge potential and attractive markets for the sports betting niche.

APAC countries and the African region, have a large demand for sports betting services thus generating the best sports betting affiliate campaign results as well. This is due to high population density, the growing popularity of sports betting, investments going into this industry, and many more factors.

While sports betting isn’t new to these countries, it’s gaining momentum and that’s an advantage you should use.

Getting Started

The most common obstacle in choosing which sports betting affiliate programs to join is the fact that most of them are in-house. But we’re here to make that easier for you.

If you wish to join one of these sports betting programs as an affiliate, you should read the affiliate conditions first so you know what to expect. Registering to become an affiliate can be sorted out in minutes, just click the Register button at the top right of the page and get started. Our dedicated affiliate manager will be there to help you and answer all your questions.

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