The Ultimate Guide to the AliExpress Affiliate Program

The Ultimate Guide to the AliExpress Affiliate Program

The Ultimate Guide to the AliExpress Affiliate Program


AliExpress, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces, offers a wide variety of products at competitive prices. The AliExpress affiliate program allows marketers to earn commissions by promoting these products to their audience through various channels such as websites, blogs, and social media platforms.

What is the AliExpress Affiliate Program?

The AliExpress affiliate program is designed to help affiliates earn money by promoting AliExpress products. When a customer clicks on an affiliate’s unique link and makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission. This program is similar to other popular affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, but with some key differences in terms of commission rates, cookie duration, and product selection.

Joining the AliExpress Affiliate Program

There are two main ways to join the AliExpress affiliate program:

  1. Directly through AliExpress
  2. Via affiliate networks (Awin, CJ Affiliate, FlexOffers)

Joining Directly Through AliExpress

– Direct communication with AliExpress
– Access to exclusive promotions and deals

– Technical issues and bugs with the in-house program
– Poor user experience during the application process

Joining Via Affiliate Networks

– Smoother application process
– Reliable tracking and reporting
– Timely payments

– Slightly lower commission rates compared to the direct program
– Limited access to exclusive AliExpress promotions

To apply for the AliExpress affiliate program, you’ll need to provide:
– Website or promotion channel information
– Personal details (name, email, location)
– Verification of your identity and website ownership

Tips for increasing your chances of approval:
– Have a well-established website or social media presence
– Ensure your content aligns with AliExpress’s products and values
– Provide accurate and detailed information in your application

Commission Rates and Payment Terms

Commission rates vary depending on the product category and affiliate network:

  • Awin: 2.4% to 7%
  • FlexOffers: up to 8.4%
  • CJ Affiliate: flat 4% worldwide
  • AliExpress in-house program: up to 90% on select “Hot Products” (rare)

On average, affiliates can expect to earn 3-4% commission on most products. Payment terms and minimum payout thresholds also vary by network, with Net 30 to Net 60 being common.

It’s important to note that while the AliExpress in-house program claims to offer up to 90% commission on select products, this is rare and usually applies only to expensive items. Affiliates should focus on promoting a wide range of products to maximize their earnings potential.

Cookie Duration and Attribution

Cookie duration determines the attribution window for commissions. In other words, it’s the length of time an affiliate has to earn a commission after a customer clicks on their unique link.

AliExpress cookie duration varies by affiliate network:
– Session-based (expires when the user closes their browser)
– Up to 3 days

Compared to other programs like Amazon Associates, which offers a 24-hour cookie, AliExpress’s cookie duration is relatively short. This means affiliates have a limited time to convert clicks into sales, which can impact their overall earnings.

To combat this, affiliates should focus on creating compelling content and promotions that encourage users to make a purchase quickly. Retargeting campaigns and email marketing can also help keep AliExpress products top-of-mind for potential customers.

Promotional Materials and Tools

AliExpress provides affiliates with a variety of promotional materials to help them promote products effectively:

  • Banner ads
  • Text links
  • Product links
  • Deep links

For more advanced promotion, affiliates can also utilize data feeds and API integration to automatically update their websites with the latest products and prices.

However, the quality and functionality of these promotional materials have been reported to be inconsistent. Affiliates may need to invest time in creating their own custom banners and graphics to ensure a professional appearance.

Best practices for using promotional materials include:
– Choosing visually appealing banners that align with your website’s design
– Using text links and product links in content to provide value to your audience
– Leveraging deep links to send users directly to specific product pages
– Regularly updating your promotions to feature new and popular products

Pros and Cons of the AliExpress Affiliate Program


  • Wide product selection with over 100 million products
  • Competitive prices, often lower than other e-commerce platforms
  • Global reach, with AliExpress shipping to over 200 countries
  • Suitable for both affiliate marketing and dropshipping


  • Inconsistent product quality, with many low-quality items
  • Long shipping times due to products being shipped from China
  • Poor customer service and support for both customers and affiliates
  • Technical issues and bugs with the in-house affiliate program
  • Low average commission rates compared to other programs
  • Short cookie duration

Affiliates should carefully consider these pros and cons when deciding whether to join the AliExpress affiliate program. While the wide product selection and competitive prices can be attractive, the inconsistent quality and long shipping times may lead to customer complaints and hurt your reputation.

AliExpress Dropshipping Opportunity

In addition to traditional affiliate marketing, AliExpress is popular among dropshippers who sell products directly to consumers without holding inventory. Dropshippers can source products from AliExpress, mark up the prices, and promote them on their own online store.

Benefits of AliExpress dropshipping:
– No need to hold inventory or manage shipping
– Low startup costs
– Access to a wide range of products

Challenges of AliExpress dropshipping:
– Long shipping times from China
– Quality control issues
– Customer service responsibilities fall on the dropshipper

To succeed with AliExpress dropshipping, it’s essential to:
– Carefully select reliable suppliers with high-quality products
– Communicate shipping times clearly to customers
– Provide excellent customer service to build trust and loyalty

Popular tools and platforms for AliExpress dropshipping include Oberlo and Shopify, which automate many aspects of the process, such as order fulfillment and inventory management.

AliExpress vs. Amazon Associates: Which is Better for Affiliates?

When comparing AliExpress and Amazon Associates, there are several key factors to consider:

| Factor | AliExpress | Amazon Associates |
| Commission Rates | 3-4% on average | Up to 10% depending on product category |
| Cookie Duration | Session-based to 3 days | 24 hours |
| Product Selection | Over 100 million products | Hundreds of millions of products |
| Shipping | Long shipping times from China | Fast shipping with Amazon Prime |
| Customer Service | Poor customer support | Excellent customer service |
| Brand Trust | Less trusted than Amazon | Highly trusted brand |

In most cases, Amazon Associates is the better choice for affiliates due to its higher commission rates, trusted brand reputation, faster shipping, and superior customer service. However, AliExpress may be a good option for affiliates in specific niches or markets where Amazon has limited reach.

Ultimately, the choice between AliExpress and Amazon Associates depends on your target audience, niche, and overall affiliate marketing strategy.

Tips for Success with the AliExpress Affiliate Program

  1. Choose the right products to promote

    • Focus on high-quality, popular products with good reviews
    • Consider products with a higher price point for better commissions
    • Promote products that align with your niche and audience interests
  2. Create compelling content and promotions

    • Write detailed product reviews and comparisons
    • Use eye-catching visuals and engaging copy in your promotions
    • Offer exclusive discounts or bonuses to encourage purchases
  3. Leverage social media and influencer marketing

    • Share your AliExpress promotions on social media platforms
    • Partner with influencers in your niche to reach a wider audience
    • Engage with your followers and build a community around your brand
  4. Optimize for search engines (SEO)

    • Research relevant keywords and incorporate them into your content
    • Build high-quality backlinks to your website or blog
    • Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and loads quickly
  5. Provide value and build trust with your audience

    • Share your personal experiences and honest opinions about products
    • Be transparent about your affiliate relationships
    • Respond promptly to comments and questions from your audience
  6. Monitor and analyze your affiliate performance

    • Track your clicks, conversions, and commissions regularly
    • Use analytics tools to identify your top-performing products and promotions
    • Continuously optimize your strategies based on data and insights

By implementing these tips and consistently putting in the effort, affiliates can increase their chances of success with the AliExpress affiliate program.


The AliExpress affiliate program offers a unique opportunity for affiliates to promote a wide range of products at competitive prices, especially in markets where Amazon has limited presence. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the challenges, such as inconsistent product quality, long shipping times, and poor customer support.

To maximize your success as an AliExpress affiliate, consider joining through established affiliate networks like Awin, CJ Affiliate, or FlexOffers, as they provide a more reliable and user-friendly experience compared to the in-house program.

As with any affiliate program, thorough research and careful selection of products are essential for success. While AliExpress can be a good secondary income stream, it may not be the best choice for those seeking a full-time income from affiliate marketing alone.

For affiliates looking to expand their portfolio and access top affiliate programs across various industries, joining an affiliate network like Vortex Alpha can be a game-changer. Vortex Alpha connects thousands of affiliates with leading brands, providing the tools, support, and expertise needed to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting, Vortex Alpha offers a wide range of affiliate programs to suit your needs, including:

By joining Vortex Alpha, you’ll gain access to exclusive offers, dedicated support, and the tools you need to take your affiliate marketing to the next level. Sign up today and start maximizing your affiliate earnings with Vortex Alpha!

Key Highlights and Actionable Tips

  • AliExpress offers a wide product selection with over 100 million products at competitive prices, making it suitable for both affiliate marketing and dropshipping.
  • Affiliates can join the AliExpress affiliate program directly or through affiliate networks like Awin, CJ Affiliate, and FlexOffers for a smoother experience.
  • Commission rates vary from 2.4% to 8.4% depending on the product category and affiliate network, with an average of 3-4% on most products.
  • Cookie duration is relatively short, ranging from session-based to 3 days, requiring affiliates to create compelling content and promotions to encourage quick purchases.
  • AliExpress provides promotional materials such as banner ads, text links, product links, and deep links, but affiliates may need to create custom materials for a professional appearance.
  • To succeed as an AliExpress affiliate, focus on choosing the right products, creating engaging content, leveraging social media and influencer marketing, optimizing for SEO, providing value to your audience, and monitoring your performance.
  • Consider the pros and cons of the AliExpress affiliate program, such as inconsistent product quality, long shipping times, and poor customer support, when deciding to join.
  • Explore other top affiliate programs through networks like Vortex Alpha to diversify your income streams and access exclusive offers and support.

How can I ensure I’m promoting high-quality products from AliExpress?

To ensure you’re promoting high-quality products from AliExpress, take the time to research and carefully select items with good reviews and ratings. Look for products from reliable suppliers with a history of positive feedback. Additionally, consider ordering the product yourself to assess its quality firsthand before promoting it to your audience. This way, you can provide honest and accurate recommendations based on your personal experience.

What are some effective ways to create engaging content around AliExpress products?

Some effective ways to create engaging content around AliExpress products include writing detailed product reviews, comparisons, and tutorials. Use high-quality images and videos to showcase the products in action and highlight their key features and benefits. Share your personal experiences and stories related to the products to build trust and credibility with your audience. Additionally, consider creating gift guides, seasonal roundups, or themed collections featuring AliExpress products to provide value and inspiration to your readers.

How can I build trust with my audience when promoting AliExpress products?

To build trust with your audience when promoting AliExpress products, be transparent about your affiliate relationship and disclose that you may earn a commission from their purchases. Provide honest and unbiased reviews, including both the pros and cons of each product. Respond promptly to comments and questions from your audience, and be open to feedback and concerns. Consistently deliver valuable and informative content that prioritizes your audience’s needs and interests over making a sale. By demonstrating your commitment to your audience’s trust and satisfaction, you’ll establish yourself as a credible and reliable source for product recommendations.

What are some strategies for maximizing my earnings as an AliExpress affiliate?

To maximize your earnings as an AliExpress affiliate, focus on promoting high-ticket items with higher commission rates, as well as products with a proven track record of popularity and conversions. Utilize multiple traffic sources, such as SEO, social media, email marketing, and paid advertising, to reach a wider audience and drive more sales. Continuously test and optimize your promotions, using data and analytics to identify your top-performing products and strategies. Additionally, consider implementing retargeting campaigns and abandoned cart emails to recapture potential customers and boost your conversion rates.

How can I handle customer service issues or complaints related to AliExpress products?

When handling customer service issues or complaints related to AliExpress products, first acknowledge the customer’s concerns and apologize for any inconvenience caused. Gather all relevant information about the issue, such as the order number, product details, and specific complaint. Contact the AliExpress supplier or customer support on behalf of your customer to address the issue and seek a resolution, such as a refund, replacement, or return. Keep your customer informed throughout the process and follow up to ensure their satisfaction. If the issue cannot be resolved satisfactorily, consider offering a goodwill gesture, such as a discount or bonus, to maintain a positive relationship with your audience. Remember to prioritize your customers’ trust and satisfaction, as this will be key to your long-term success as an affiliate.

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