iGaming Affiliate Program

iGaming Affiliate Program

iGaming Affiliate Program

If you’re keen to succeed and earn in the iGaming affiliate niche, promoting casinos, poker, and sports betting companies is the way to go, and joining a good and reputable affiliate network might be the smartest first move.

iGaming affiliate programs offer fast earning, and with the help of our tips and affiliate managers, you should have no trouble achieving profit.

The best part is, you don’t need products of your own, as you will get to promote products and services of trusted and established brands, already well known in the iGaming business.

Let’s go through the iGaming niche, from the beginning to how much money you could potentially earn in this competitive industry.

Affiliate marketing and iGaming business are as solid as ever. While you might want to know how affiliate marketing actually works, you should start by understanding how online casinos function because the demand for them keeps growing year after year. Affiliate marketing is just there to attract visitors to the program (games) casino offers.

Let’s say you’re browsing social media, and you stumble upon a banner ad that advertises an iGaming business. You like the banner so you naturally click on it. It takes you to the mentioned iGaming platform where you can further sign up. Well, this is how affiliate marketers make money. The iGaming platform is also making money this way, whenever someone signs up and spends money there.

Affiliate marketing made this possible.

Since the niche is very competitive, many platforms pair up with multiple iGaming affiliates in order to give their visits and conversions a boost.

Profit from Qualified Leads. Enjoy our exclusive iGaming offers and timely payouts.

Become An Affiliate

It Can Get Competitive

You have probably noticed by now that sports betting and iGaming platforms are available in abundance on the internet. Everywhere you look, you can find new websites and platforms and all of them are competing for your attention. While it can be great to join a competitive environment, it can be quite tough at certain times.

Since ads offer more value now (for example 10 years ago they were flashy and spammy), they help boost the industry, including iGaming one. While the beginning of affiliate marketing and iGaming industry was turbulent, the industry has grown stronger and bounced back pretty fast.

Affiliate marketing is now focused on creating engaging content, with genuine value. It allows both sides to benefit. Marketers have new ways of generating income while iGaming industry is making money and getting new customers.

Why You Should Join an iGaming Affiliate Network

Vortex Alpha is an affiliate network, offering the best deals from the iGaming niche. And when we say the best, we mean that we offer the programs that convert the most.

We can help you become an iGaming affiliate in casinos, poker, or sports betting. Since you will be able to choose (and join) multiple offers, you will ensure several income streams coming your way.

You will have the opportunity to earn a flat fee or you can get revenue shares. The more players sign up via your affiliate link, the more profit you’ll make each month.

As long as you’re willing to put some work and effort into it, you can earn a good percentage from each player.

With Vortex Alpha you can promote casinos, and poker of your choice. The best thing is that you can track and manage all data from one place, through our platform. You can even engage in multiple offers and expand your affiliate portfolio as much as you’d like.

Choosing The Best iGaming Affiliate Programs

You can often with the casinos directly, but we recommend partnering with an affiliate network since you’ll have more opportunities and support. It’s up to you which option you will choose, and both come with their own benefits.

Affiliate networks will take away all the hassle and unnecessary communication from you. They are also great for beginners since there will be an affiliate manager available to answer your questions and concerns.

Remember: Joining an affiliate network is a great idea if you want to manage several affiliate deals from one account.

Potential Earnings

There is no clear answer to the question of how much money will the affiliate website make since it’s heavily dependent on its traffic. But let’s look at it this way, a flat fee of $500 is an average deal between iGaming affiliates and casinos, and imagine the potential a website with over 100 thousand monthly visits has.

RevShare model can be just as rewarding. Let’s say a customer (player) you sent to the casino has spent $50 playing games and lost. With a 40/60% deal, you’d get $22. But since the amount of money spent on games can be significantly higher, your profits can increase as well. Some players spend as much as $5000 monthly playing casino games, which would leave you with $2000 just from one player. That’s not bad for a passive income.

Your potential earnings will depend on the casino you partner with, so choose your iGaming affiliate program wisely. At Vortex Alpha, our affiliate managers will be there to advise you which programs are the most lucrative and the most suitable for you.

Types of Affiliate Deals

When it comes to deals, each iGaming affiliate program is different and has its own revenue streams. Some of the most common ones are:

  1. Flat Fee – Includes Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model. The affiliate website receives a fee for each customer (player) that spends a minimum amount of money (deposit) at the casino.
  2. Revenue Share – Involves a split share between the iGaming affiliate and the online casino.

These are just the two most popular models, but other types may exist depending on the deal you have with the casino.

The Future of iGaming Affiliate Programs

While affiliate marketing might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of iGaming, it has become an essential part of the industry. We don’t know for certain what the future will bring, but affiliate marketing will for sure continue to be connected to iGaming.

Platforms will always need an extra boost (well, not “need” but probably want) to attract new clientele, and affiliate programs can make that happen. Of course, the value of the content needs to remain on a high level of quality and engagement.

The iGaming business is only growing stronger with time. It will be interesting to see in which direction the development will go and how the gambling industries will adapt. One thing is for sure, affiliate marketing will influence it in many ways and will undoubtedly be a part of iGaming’s future.

Become An Affiliate With Vortex Alpha

Affiliate marketing is very profitable, especially in the iGaming industry. With many complex regulations and new casino websites launching daily, players are often turning to affiliate marketers for guidance and recommendations.

That’s where you come in.

If you’re ready to start your affiliate journey and promote an iGaming affiliate program, click the Register button and fill out the form. Once you’re approved, you can choose from many affiliate programs available and your dedicated affiliate manager will be there to advise you and answer any question you might have.


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